I interviewed 11 other contractors before meeting Rodney Meyers. We were ready to sell and buy a new house. We decided to meet with Rodney. He listened to our story and what we needed for our family. He was very creative and showed us 2 different design options on what we could do with our 1938 built bungalow style home in West University. One thing that was very important to us was that we didn?t want to have a final result that looked like a remodel. We wanted it to look as if it was built that way from day one and that it did not look like a big square bix like every other new build in WU! Rodney maximized every square inch of the house and gave us a ton of storage and Gave us the house we now live in! It is our home! And we will live in this home til our last day.Thank you Rodney **!

Kevin K.