I interviewed 11 other contractors before meeting Rodney Meyers. We were ready to sell and buy a new house. We decided to meet with Rodney. He listened to our story and what we needed for our family. He was very creative and showed us 2 different design options on what we could do with our 1938 built bungalow style home in West University. One thing that was very important to us was that we didn?t want to have a final result that looked like a remodel. We wanted it to look as if it was built that way from day one and that it did not look like a big square bix like every other new build in WU! Rodney maximized every square inch of the house and gave us a ton of storage and Gave us the house we now live in! It is our home! And we will live in this home til our last day.Thank you Rodney **!

Kevin K.


Great remodeling company! Rodney is "hands on" builder, and a man of integrity. I highly recommend Kirby Taylor builders for "foundation up" custom home building, and any/all remodeling projects

Jay C.


Great remodeling company that really pays attention to detail.

Olen H.


Rodney and crew were always quick to respond to our questions. Their experience and attention to quality and detail was noticeable from the beginning to the end. We really appreciated the straight forward, no BS approach and there were never any surprises. Highly recommend Rodney and Kirby Taylor Homes!

Warren H.


Great remodeling contractor!

Chloe S.


I've known Rodney for 25 years and entrusted him with home theater installation in our first home. When hurricane Harvey left 4 feet of water in our next house, we turned again to Rodney who was instrumental in helping us gather our thoughts and understand what we needed and wanted to do and how to get it done. With Rodney's help and advice, we were one of the very first houses on the street to have an entirely new and updated first floor done just the way we wanted. There is no one I would trust more with my home than Rodney Meyers.

Paul C.


Love our home! We enjoyed working with the builder. He was
knowledgeable and friendly and made it for an easy experience.

Darla F.


We interviewed several contractors before we entrusted Rodney Meyers at Kirby Taylor Homes for the extensive renovation of our house built in 1939. There was so much to do that we needed an experienced builder with a high attention to detail and creative skills, someone who would take the time to explain and help us to make informed decisions and someone who would follow and support us to deliver our challenging project!

We are glad we chose Rodney because he went above and beyond everyday to make this house our home. The extension looks like it has always been a part of the house and every part of the extension and renovation has been optimized.

There is no one in the future I would trust more with a home renovation than Rodney Meyers at Kirby Taylor Homes. Thank you Rodney!

Annie N.