Keep Your Guests Comfortable

Schedule Custom Guest Home Construction Services from Kirby Taylor Homes in Houston, TX

Need more living space to accommodate visiting friends and family? Our team can help. Kirby Taylor Homes offers guest home construction services in the Houston, TX areas. You can trust us to build a guest house that will complement your existing home.

A custom guest home can:

  • Expand your living space
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Give you a new living area to escape to
  • Be converted into a home office, gym or man cave
  • Make in-law visits more pleasant

Our designers will work diligently to make sure every aspect of your guest home looks just the way you want. Contact us now to get your free estimate and arrange for guest home construction services.

guest home construction services houston tx

Want to remodel your guest home?

Call on Kirby Taylor Homes for guest home remodeling services in Houston, TX and the surrounding areas. We can knock down walls, expand your kitchenette and replace any outdated features. By the time we're done, your guest home will have a completely new look. You can trust us to handle everything, from replacing countertops to repainting walls.

Call today to request a guest home remodeling consultation. We'll be happy to answer your questions.