Kick Start Your Kitchen Makeover

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Why switch out one or two old kitchen fixtures at a time when they all need to go? Kirby Taylor Homes is a trusted home remodeling company in Houston, TX. We've been transforming kitchens from floor to fixtures for more than 15 years. We can completely demolish your kitchen and rebuild it to be better than ever. Our jobs range from $20k to $150k complete kitchen remodels. It all depends on your customizations and goals.

Our remodeling contractor will handle every detail, from flooring and countertops to appliances. We'll even handle bringing in the licensed, insured electricians and plumbers to handle all of the rewiring process and plumbing needs. Tell us your kitchen remodeling needs now by calling 713-542-7970.

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Why wouldn't you want to remodel your kitchen?

Why are you interested in home remodeling? There are many reasons homeowners transform their kitchens. You may want a kitchen remodel because:

  • You want to increase your property value in case you sell your home
  • You want to cut down on energy costs through efficient appliances
  • You cook often and need a more advanced space to do it in
  • Your current kitchen looks outdated and you prefer a modern look
  • Your kitchen is falling apart, becoming more damaged every day

Our remodeling contractor will work with any material and appliance brand. It all depends on your specific needs and preferences. Schedule a consultation with our kitchen remodeling pro in Houston, TX today.